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​​Happy Passover
Please allow 2 weeks notice for all orders 

Coconut Macaroon Cookies - $20 / dozen
Vanilla, chocolate dipped, salted caramel, lemon cranberry

Chocolate Toffee Matza Crunch -  $30.00 (~18 pieces)
milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate

Meringues - $20 / dozen

Melt in your mouth, marshmallow goodness, assorted vanilla and chocolate dipped

Flourless Chocolate Cookies - $20 / dozen 

Decadent, fudgy chocolate cookies loaded with chocolate chips

Platter Option: $80
8 assorted macaroons, 18 pieces matza bark, 8 meringues, 8 chocolate cookies

*All products are “kosher for passover style”, we are not a certified kosher for passover kitchen

*We are not an allergen free facility